We are a bilingual educational community which is OPEN TO THE WORLD and focuses on recognizing the value of each of its members, with the objective of fostering lifelong, fearless learners.


To be a model educational institution, characterized by academic excellence, innovation and constant improvement, fostering learners with critical thinking skills, who are responsible for their own achievements and are committed to society and the environment.


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The idea to create our school came up many years ago as a project. We, founders of the school, Nevers D?az and Mar?a Isabel Varela, have been friends and were schoolmates since Primary School. One afternoon, while studying for a test we decided we would get trained as educators and acquire experience in teaching so we could then start a very good quality school. In it, learning would be motivating and fun, children would develop their abilities to the full and form their opinions rather than have to repeat lessons mechanically.?
That was just the road they pursued.
In the year 1992 that dream for which Nevers and Mar?a Isabel had carefully prepared and worked for so hard came true: Saint George’s School was born.
Several wonderful parents who believed in the project and who shared with the founders the same philosophy for their children’s education joined the school.
These are parents who know about the dedication and care needed by a child and who have the same ideas as to how children must be helped to grow in all aspects, how they must acquire the tools needed to continue growing with self-assurance.
Education is also a marvellous discovery of the world of knowledge and the awakening of young minds to critical thinking. These are concepts we apply at Saint George’s School, making use of very good recent programmes of education developed in Great Britain and the U.S.A.
There is a staff of carefully selected teachers at Saint George’s School, who motivate the children with affection, making them feel secure to work independently, challenging them not to be afraid to ask questions and providing them with the means to find answers and discover the vast world of thought and knowledge. They do so in both English and Spanish, which provides the children with a tool that opens the world to them.