Since these early ages we foster the children?s emotional well-being as we consider this the base for a good learning process and a proper development in all areas.

Since Kindergarten we work on the acquisition of good social habits, values, team work,???? motivation, routines that simplify life, autonomy, the joy of discovering new ideas and experiences.

It is extremely important for children to begin their education at Saint George?s School in Kindergarten when they are four years old. It is here that children begin most of their learning processes at school both socially and academically. During the five hours of class in English per day the basis of most of the disciplines and programmes studied during Primary School are started.

Students begin to learn to read and write in English with the Oxford Reading Tree books which are also widely used in Great Britain with children their age. They acquire a vast vocabulary, through very attractive stories with familiar characters and with a sense of humour. Oxford programme is continued in the following years. We want every child to be able to read effectively and to enjoy reading.

From the age of four children are introduced to Mathematics through playful activities. Using concrete material the child acquires reasoning strategies in basic math, all very important for his future growth.




The study of Science is also begun using experiments, research, discovering the world around us and children?s vast natural curiosity, asking the right questions so they can find the answers.

The Spanish Curriculum depends on the Uruguayan Curriculum, works in coordination with the English one, and involves creativity, playing and having fun together.

At ages 4 and 5, children attend gym classes, art, IT (Information Technology), music and Psychomotor skills workshops included in the weekly timetable.

Our main goal is that the children enjoy their learning while they develop good working habits, the sense of belonging to a group with shared responsibilities and team work.