Our Nursery was the seed that brought forth what, today, is the Saint George´s Community, with its primary and secondary school. We were born in 1987 under the name of Let´s Play and, throughout these three decades we have developed our own teaching/learning approach; an approach which targets academic excellence and the development of good world citizens. It begins in the Nursery, moves on into Primary School and flourishes in the Secondary School.

Reading, playing, immersion in the English language from the very beginning, resorting to body language and keeping an intensive dialogue with nature around us – all these have been key issues in our preschool proposal.  We have always been very keen to encompass new approaches, to innovate, to adopt project work, to include the children´s families and to make the most of the technology around us.

Saint George´s Nursery is in constant development, offering an ideal location for children to develop their own potential in a warm environ of educational excellence.


Saint George´s Nursery targets a competent child who plays and active leading role, full of curiosity and eager to learn.  Hence, the Nursery is the greenhouse where the children find a set of educational experiences which promotes their development and learning.

We favour every activity that best helps them develop their potential, offering meaningful learning through playful situations.

We value hands-on exposure for we believe infants get to know and apprehend the surrounding world through their senses.

Distribution and organization of indoor and outdoor areas have been worked upon so as to generate a welcoming and safe surrounding in a warm and joyful atmosphere.



-To favor the overall development of children, bearing in mind affective, social, motor and cognitive issues, while carefully contemplating individual timing.

-To keep a close follow-up of each child´s learning process, in the various development areas, thus offering a guideline for parents and grant orientation and timely stimuli for those who might need it.

-To integrate families in a permanent and constructive interactive relationship.



Baby Nursery   – 3 to 12 months

Nursery 1 –        12 to 24 months

Level 2      –        2-year-olds

Level 3      –        3-year-olds



Morning:  8:30 to 12:30

Afternoon:   13:00 to 17:00

Full-time:   8:30 to 17:00

Late pick-up:   18:00

Flexible scheduling



It is introduced in Nursery 2 on a one-hour-a-day basis.

As from Nursery 3, children are exposed to English 50% of the time.

English is adopted in the daily routines in a natural and spontaneous manner, through games and using concrete and tangible material. Story-telling, rhymes and songs follow up on different activities so the children get used to hearing the language and to “playing” in English.  Project work helps us introduce vocabulary and the children apprehend it totally unaware of their daily progress in speaking it.



On a weekly basis, as from Nursery 1, Psychomotor learning aims at following-up and stimulating children in their development process, favouring body awareness and movement from which motor control, affectivity and overall intelligence evolve.



It pursues the development of motor skills to generate enjoyment, nevertheless, always bearing in mind each child´s timing.  Body language activities foster self-awareness, autonomy and self-confidence.



Again, on a weekly basis, music lessons help develop auditory perception and skills which enhance overall learning.  It awakens creative instincts, helps children to express their feelings, enables the acquisition of values, promotes autonomy and, at the same time, better group work.  Children become familiar with a variety of sounds, rhythms, tones and intensity.



Once a week we take Nursery 3 children to the pool at Club Malvin along with Swimming and Classroom teachers.

Children learn to swim through games that help them adapt themselves to the water and feel the pleasure of moving around and swimming in it. We teach them to become independent in the water so they can feel comfortable in it.  In this environ one has to be particularly careful with each child´s timing.