21 mayo, 2017

We invited the Olympic Athlete, Jennifer Dahlgren, to visit our school

As part of our St. George’s Day celebrations, we invited the Olympic Athlete, Jennifer Dahlgren, to visit our school.

21 mayo, 2017

School for Parents – Ps. Alejandro de Barbieri

On April 25th we had a new “School for Parents” meeting. This time, the workshop was in charge of Ps. Alejandro de Barbieri, who gave an excellent talk called “De la Pedagogía Compasiva a la Pedagogía de la Esperanza” (From a Compassionate to a Hopeful Pedagogy).

15 febrero, 2017

Reuniones de Padres

Previo al comienzo de clases se llevarán a cabo reuniones de padres informativas en los siguientes días y horarios:

Kinder_ _ _ _ lunes 19/02 18:00hs
Prep_ _ _ _ lunes 19/02 19:00hs
Form I_ _ _ _ martes 20/02 18:00hs
Form II_ _ _ _ martes 20/02 19:00hs
Form III _ _ _ _ miércoles 21/02 18:00hs
Form IV _ _ _ _ miércoles 21/02 19:00hs
Form V _ _ _ _ jueves 22/02 18:00hs
Form VI _ _ _ _ jueves 22/02 19:00hs

¡Los esperamos!

7 septiembre, 2016

This is how we celebrated Children´s Day in our Nursery

We began by stimulating our body to move. Using cloths, ropes, each other and our imagination, we created a magical labyrinth which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

20 julio, 2016

“Little Talents” / Writing and Drawing Contest

It is a pleasure to announce that our students participated in a Writing and Drawing Contest called “Little Talents” (2015 Edition).

20 julio, 2016

Alejandro De Barbieri visited our school…

On June 21st, Psychologist Alejandro De Barbieri visited our school to present his workshop about educating children.
It was a very interesting talk and many parents joined us.

25 abril, 2016

The Living Rainforest / Prizes

Four St George's School students have received prizes in Science for their outstanding essays about how to foster sustainable cities. They were part of the 1115 students from around the world who participated in the 2016 essay contest organized by The Living Rainforest...

20 febrero, 2016

St George’s School in Oxford 2016 Catalogue

As you may remember, some time ago, our students participated in an ORT (Oxford
Reading Tree) contest. In that contest, Guillermo Wajner received one of the prizes...

20 febrero, 2016

Children and social media

Interesting article written by Natalia Trenchi about children and the use of social media.