We are a secular, bilingual educational community, open to the world, whose thoughts and actions are based in acknowledging the value of each one of its members, with the objective of developing sensible and critical thinkers based on a solid academic foundation.
We believe bilingualism is an essential tool in today's world and we teach the language through a wide variety of cross curricular content. Our students take international examinations.
Our plan for an integral education involves incorporating sports not only to foster healthy physical activity but also to emphasize on the importance of team work.

Our school is aware of and prioritizes the importance of including artistic activities in education. The value of including arts in school is truly valuable as it stimulates artistic creativity and it integrates emotional, physical and intellectual learning.
Comunity Work
We promote a collaborative and solidary spirit in our students, generating consciousness and engaging them in noble causes which foster empathy.
School for Parents
Our school offers different workshops and talks for parents in which they can express different ideas or listen to experts talk about a variety of topics that are relevant to both for the students and their families.


“Little Talents” / Writing and Drawing Contest
It is a pleasure to announce that our students participated in a Writing and Drawing Contest called “Little Talents” (2015 Edition).
Alejandro De Barbieri visited our school…
On June 21st, Psychologist Alejandro De Barbieri visited our school to present his workshop about educating children.
It was a very interesting talk and many parents joined us.


The School


Mission & Vision

We are a bilingual educational community which is OPEN TO THE WORLD and focuses on recognizing the value of each of its members, with the objective of fostering lifelong, fearless learners.

To be a model educational institution, characterized by academic excellence, innovation and constant improvement, fostering learners with critical thinking skills, who are responsible for their own achievements and are committed to society and the environment.